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Thoughts On The Pitchfork Songs List Because Why Not

- Either I’m getting older or just starting to bypass the majority of what Pitchfork writes about today (it is the latter), but I had never heard about 60-70 percent of the tracks on this list.  The other sign - I’m completely OK with this.

- That said, I thought the top ten was pretty good.  The only songs there I didn’t really enjoy in some manner were that DJ Khaled number (totally missed it) and “212” (everyone talks about the video and treats Banks like a particularly adorable .GIF file…but the song is kinda irritating?).  Destroyer has (unjustly) been left off of a lot of top 10s so far so seeing “Kaputt” finish so high made me especially happy.

- My bet going was that Pitchfork would give the top spot to “Yonkers,” as a way to continue validating Odd Future without having to twist around the fact Goblin was a big cement block of an album.  They still placed it in the top 20, but Ian Cohen pretty much came out and said everything they’ve done post-“Yonkers” has been bad (truth, if we work under the assumption Frank Ocean is more a satellite member).  Bravo, though I fully expect them to circle around and say Tyler’s album was worth an honorable mention and sorta justify it in the end.

- “County Line” is purrrrrrrdy.

- Biggest surprise has to be that Soulja Boy track placing so high yeah?  They never even wrote about that song!  Besides, it’s all about THE JUICE

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