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I scream, you scream, we all scream for awesomely overindulgent ice cream. This towering cone of soft serve temptation is offered by the Daily Chico restaurant in basement of the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in Tokyo. Eight different flavors sit atop an extra-large sugar cone, which only costs 390 yen ($3.60 US).

Starting from the top, there’s Tochi Otome strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, melon, grape, matcha green tea, and finally ramune (a popular type of Japanese fizzy cider).

However Daily Chico says that the flavor line-up will change periodically, so this doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

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I live near this place, and one day I’ll eat this, I swear to goodness

Caught up with tofubeats in advance of his first major-label album, First Album, coming out this week (tomorrow). We talked at the start of the year, but that was actually before his life got really really busy…this time around we chatted about working with his favorite J-pop singers, the Internet and working with Mad Decent. There is a very real chance Diplo listened to a track based off of para para music and said “this is great, go with this.”

I’ll write more about the album itself later but it has become one of my favorite of the year (took a little bit). Very few albums capture the time-destroying qualities of the Internet like this one.


justice for jessica


justice for jessica

Oricon Trail For 9/15 To 9/21 

#1 EXILE TRIBE “The Revolution” (156,271 Copies Sold This Week)

The first aberration on Oricon this year (at least it seems)! “The Revolution” hit #1 last month, in the first week it was released, but here it is again. Of course, it took a gimmick to do so - buying a copy of “The Revolution” over the past week secured one concert ticket (or is it just a high-five ticket) to see EXILE. A lot of people harp about idol groups doing stuff like this to boost sales, but here’s a nice reminder that the dudes do it to.

The song is about the same as when I heard it last month, although I’ll admit that if it were a minute shorter I’d begrudgingly say “yeah, yeah, it’s pretty good.” But it’s all-in pop approach gets a little woozy after four minutes.

Really lovely idol-pop-leaning mix from producer Bawxxx that is a nice little upbeat kick following the weekend (which, well, I assume that’s what the title might be on). See the tracklist here, and take this as a reminder that we all could use more Sayonara Ponytail in our lives.


"New Nintendo 3DS" CM featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
New song - “KISEKAE”

Kirby Pamyu Pamyu m i rite

Hey this song sounds intriguing! Getting some of those Moshi Moshi Harajuku vibes


So if “manufactured” is unfair, what is the right metaphor for Britney’s relationship to the pop machine? Scanning the pop culture of the late 90s gives us a better possibility: mecha, the Japanese anime genre where beautiful, tragic youth fuse themselves to sublime, state of the art machines. Britney is not the machine’s puppet; she’s its pilot.

Tom Ewing, “Popular: Britney Spears - “…Baby One More Time”

They went and made a new video for “Rude” for the Japanese market, and it is good, very good, way better than watching the real Magic! be goofballs.

I wrote about efforts to turn EDM into a “thing” in Japan in advance of this weekend’s Ultra Japan festival, which does mark a big moment for the burgeoning scene over here. Features dispatches from a Zedd performance, a doomed trip to a local EDM night and an interview with the CEO of one of the biggest event-planning companies in Japan today (which came at the last moment and changed the entire complexion of the story…for the better!).


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2014/10/02 out
tofubeats - First Album
1. 20140809 with lyrical school
2. #eyezonu
3. poolside feat. PES(RIP SLYME)
4. Come On Honey!
feat. 新井ひとみ/Hitomi Arai(東京女子流/Tokyo Girls Style) & okadada
5. ディスコの神様/Disco No Kamisama feat.藤井隆/Takashi Fujii
6. おしえて検索/Ohiete Kensaku feat.の子/Noko(神聖かまってちゃん/Shinsei Kamattechan)
7. CAND¥¥¥LAND feat. LIZ
8. 朝が来るまで終わる事の無いダンスを/Asaga Kurumade Owarukotononai Dance Wo (Album version)
9. Populuxe
10. zero to eight
11. framed moments
12. content ID
13. Her Favorite feat.okadada
14. Don’t Stop The Music feat. 森高千里/Chisato Moritaka (Album Version)
15. way to yamate
16. 衣替え/Koromogae feat. BONNIE PINK
17. ひとり/Hitori
18. 20140803

Tofubeats first major-label album is now streaming